Property Rights

Property Rights

An Expert on Property Rights

Charles has litigated over a thousand eminent domain and property rights cases. Additionally, he has made multiple CLE presentations on eminent domain practice and procedure, property rights, regulatory takings and business damages..

A Reasonable Approach to Risk & Rewards

Most people engaged in a lawsuit have a difficult time reasoning through the emotionally turbulent consideration of losing their property and/or business. Retaining focus on the case’s economics and trial risk when a governmental entity decides to condemn their property is difficult for those unfamiliar with the law in these matters. Equally challenging is a development application that is turned down for reasons a client does not understand or is reluctant to accept. Many people want to “fight city hall” when the better course of action is to pursue a reasonable settlement.

Understanding Combined With the Experience to Settle Cases

With 40 years of experience with such cases, Charles understands these feelings and has developed the ability to redirect a client’s energy so a settlement is possible.