Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Charles’ History in Personal Injury Cases

Charles litigated personal injury cases for three years, including product liability cases with Victor J. Musleh, now Chief Judge Emeritus of the 5th Judicial Circuit (founding member of the PAC “FLAG” for the former Florida Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers).

Charles’ Motivation for Mediation

As a young lawyer Charles saw the waste resulting from excessive litigation. Mediation as we know it today did not exist. Fortunately, these cases now have the benefit of an impartial third party mediator and most can be settled at or before mediation.

Charles’ Unique Skill-Set for Settling Cases

Charles’ strong math skills, understanding of complex business mechanisms, and extensive litigation experience enable him to conduct a thorough analysis of the litigation risk, which includes the financial exposure to both sides. A comprehensive analysis is vital for getting cases settled fairly, completely, and in a timely manner.